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It’s been 3.5 years since JAMBA has been performing public benefit tasks! This way you can support us with 1% tax – for the second time this year.

In the first three years of our operation, we supported 173 people with disabilities in advancing their careers.

If you want even more people to achieve their professional goals through our work, support us with 1% of your tax!

For this you will need the following data:

Tax Identification Number: 19213255-1-43

Name: Jamba Hungary Alapítvány

How to allocate 1% of your Personal Income Tax

Step-by-step guide:


Log into Hungary’s electronic PIT management system here. Feel free to use Google Translate while browsing the page, for easier navigation.

Under “1+1% statement,” click on the purple “Declare” button.

Click the declaration dropdown, and fill out the form. First, the form will ask for your personal information.

After entering your personal information, paste our tax identification number into the “Civil beneficiary's tax number” field. Our name below should fill in automatically.

You also have the right to allocate another 1% of your personal income tax to a religious organization. Simply pick a code from the dropdown menu at the end of the form.

Save the form by clicking on the yellow “Save” button, under the document. After saving, click the green button on the popup.

Now click the green button under the document that says “Proceed”. Click the green button on the popup.

On the new page, click the green button in the middle. Then, finalize the process by clicking the green button on the left of the appearing popup.

You're done! You've supported Jamba with 1% of your tax! Thank you! ❤️

Who we are

Jamba is a social platform founded in 2019, with the intent of supporting the careers of people living with disabilities. We provide education, counseling, and link building opportunities to workplaces and people with disabilities to help create honorable, inclusive work environments.

Where your 1% goes

We use your personal income tax donation to enable better employment opportunities for people with reduced work capacity, and ultimately help them find a suitable job. By supporting us, you help us pave the way for creating a more colorful, inclusive, and friendlier society.

You can contribute specifically with your 1% to build a Career Academy

  • → new English groups can start and thus more people with disabilities have access to language learning and positions where English language skills are required.
  • → we can further develop our soft skill programs and integrate and test new modules in our running trainings, which directly contribute to increasing competitiveness. #culturalfit
  • → Help expand our international Jamba community, so that more people with disabilities have access to a prejudice-free environment, where they are treated rightfully.

Jamba provides us with a safe place, and opportunities we wouldn’t get otherwise. They truly are the missing link between people brimming with potential, and those who are willing to give them a chance. My motivation and self-esteem have improved considerably ever since I was given the chance to work in software testing. I’ve begun to care more about my future plans, and myself in general. It truly is a miracle how much Jamba and Prezi helped me turn my dreams into reality. I couldn’t be any more thankful.

Annamária Szabó, Jamba Hero

Help us fulfill the career goals of even more people with disabilities by allocating us 1% of your personal income tax!

Name: Jamba Hungary Alapítvány
Tax Identification Number: 19213255-1-43

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