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The business value of employing people with disabilities

The value of employing people with a disability goes far beyond the exemption from paying a rehabilitation allowance. In our experience, the impact of disabled colleagues on the productivity of their teams goes beyond their own work. They impact team dynamics, making members more efficient, more inclusive and even increasing their contentness levels.

Human capital is the most important and valuable asset in any business. Finding the right people for your team in terms of personality, skills, qualifications, and professional experience is a steep challenge for HR departments.

Employers’ feedback demonstrates that when there is intention, openness and an accessible working environment, employees with reduced work capacity can perform just as well as every other employee and can contribute to the company’s success as a full member of the team.

Jamba supports partner companies from the very first step of the selection process through the start of employment

Inclusivity Health Check

Assessment of the current situation and what you need to do to become an even more inclusive workplace.

We carry out a survey tailored to your company (incl. questionnaires, in-depth interviews, site visits), and we make suggestions on how your team and organization could most ideally develop and move to the next level of inclusivity.

Visit our Accessible workplace page for more details on the key requirements of operating an accessible workplace and the steps involved in setting one up.

Individual training sessions

We offer your company training on a variety of topics with an inclusive training team. Participants will learn communication tools through a variety of practical techniques to help them connect, develop a partnership approach and raise awareness of privilege and discrimination.


We provide individual or group-level professional support for you or your team on all topics that help the integration of employees with reduced work capacity into your organization.

Finding your Jamba Hero

We recruit and connect you with candidates with reduced work capacity based on your company’s needs. We help with the integration of such employees from the start of their employment and monitor the process. You can also count on us later if you have questions or doubts.

CSR programs

If you want to implement your corporate volunteer programs in an inclusive manner and with the participation of people with disabilities that are Jamba members, we will provide the necessary resources and know-how. Through your company’s CSR activities, you can get behind one of Jamba’s training courses to support the career path of young people with disabilities. If you want to shape the attitude within your team, you can support your colleagues to become volunteer mentors and help Jamba members to start their careers.


In close cooperation with our corporate partners, we provide our candidates with professional training in fields that are in high demand such as data analysis, data annotation, and software testing. We are constantly looking for corporate partners who would like to cooperate with us in training development.

Jamba is an expert on the employment of people with disabilities

We consider it part of our mission to make both employers and society aware of the positive aspects and the challenges of employing people with disabilities.

Let them know how the state supports individual workplaces, or how certain workplace conditions can be made accessible.

In 2019 Jamba Hungary set itself the goal to support the employment of people with disabilities in the labor market – in cooperation with Jamba Bulgaria and the early-2020 established Jamba Austria . We have achieved outstanding results in this short time and we can show several successful examples in Hungary.

We are happy that more and more companies in Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria are providing people with reduced work capacity equal access to the labor market. These highly responsible companies set the trends that will bring about the change in social attitudes in the long term.

Contact Jamba and join the list of responsible companies!

If you want to contribute to a more accepting, equal and therefore more sustainable society, the Jamba team is here to support you.

Jamba can help you develop the concept, prepare your team and find the right workers with disabilities.

Add your firm to the growing list of responsible companies!

If you wish to cooperate with us, contact us at We promise that we will contact you shortly to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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