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A Karrier Akadémia workshopján a tréner épp a táblára írja a feladatot.

What is the Career Academy?

The Jamba Career Academy is a comprehensive educational program offering various development opportunities for individuals with disabilities, taking into account their individual needs and requirements.
Its goal is to give people key skills and competencies, as well as to launch individual career paths.

The Career Academy provides high-quality, accessible trainings and workshops either for free or at a very favourable cost. The programs are interactive, conducted in small groups or individually, in a safe environment where participants are encouraged to share their own experiences with others and
ask questions about any given topic. The trainer team of the Career Academy is inclusive, with one of the trainers in most cases being a professional with a disability.

What services does the Career Academy offer?

  • Professional Training:
    In our expanding training portfolio, you can learn the fundamentals of professions that increase your chances of securing great job opportunities in the open job market. Currently, you can learn software testing with us.
  • Career Development Mentorship Program:
    We offer free mentorship opportunities for participants in our professional training programs. You can work with experienced volunteer mentors to improve your resume, motivation letter, LinkedIn profile, and search for the most suitable job opportunities.
  • Skill Development Workshops:
    In our open workshops, you can acquire skills and abilities that are crucial for successful job placement and workplace integration, even though they are not tied to a specific profession. In small, interactive sessions, we learn together about topics such as communication of special needs, public speaking, creating impactful resumes, and conflict resolution.
  • English Language Training:
    We continuously strive to provide accessible and free or discounted language learning opportunities for Jamba talents because we understand how important confident language skills are for securing a suitable job.
  • Community Programs:
    For Jamba talents, we offer a variety of colourful and entertaining programs in an accessible environment, including quiz nights, board games, improvisational games, and other interactive events. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities for relaxation, valuable networking, and, above all, we want you to have fun.

How can I join the Career Academy?

Your abilities are more valuable than you think! Expand your horizons by participating in the Career Academy’s training programs and develop yourself with us.

Register here with us to be the first to hear about our programs and opportunities exclusively for Jamba talents!
Contact Kata Juhos at

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