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The accessibility of the workplace is a guarantee that you will get a better position – as an employee. If you are an employee with a disability, or if you have a health condition that causes you to have special needs at work, JAMBA is happy to help you or your employer.

Our help can be aimed at making the hiring process, the everyday work environment, and work tools accessible. Through our expert assessment, you and your employer will know what needs to be changed to make the workplace accessible.

Our organization has the expertise to carry out these activities – thanks to our close cooperation with people with disabilities, as well as Hungarian and international companies and organizations that have accumulated a lot of experience in this field. We offer tools and personalized work solutions that directly support workplace inclusion. Sometimes we find quite simple solutions, such as an app or software, with the help of which accessibility can be implemented incredibly quickly and easily.

Our activity aimed at creating accessible workplaces is made up of 4 steps:

  1. Analysis: First, we collect all the challenges required to realize workplace inclusion. Based on this, we draw up a detailed plan that compensates for the disadvantages.
  2. Testing: Next, we test the developed strategy and tools, to find out which can be best applied to create an accessible workplace.
  3. Design, implementation and training: We take responsibility for creating the design and we provide the tools needed for the workplace. After that, a member of our team provides training for the employee, their co-workers and the employer, so that we can be sure that the accessibility works well for all parties involved.
  4. Monitoring and support: As a final step, the JAMBA HUNGARY team follows up the process at agreed intervals. For us, it is extremely important that the solutions we offer work well and are sustainable in the long term. We are responsible for making subsequent repairs and modifications, if necessary.

If you are a person with a disability, or an open employer who wants to create an accessible workplace for your team – contact us! We are happy to support you! Contact us via the email address.

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