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Jamba is an international social enterprise that provides training and career development opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as inclusion-promoting services, consulting and training development opportunities for employers open to recruit such talent. Jamba is also involved in shaping social attitudes through communication campaigns to lend new dimensions to the social image of people with disabilities.

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JAMBA’s dedicated team is committed to creating equal opportunities in the labor market for people with disabilities. Become a supporter so we can help even more people in a predictable way!

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Career development training
to increase competitiveness

We currently offer Business English language training, as well as Soft Skills and Self-Awareness development courses; in the IT field, software testing training is available to Jamba members, both online and in person.

Support for employers
along individual needs

We offer employers Inclusivity health checks, diversity training, consulting, connecting them with persons with disabilities, CSR programs and joint training development opportunities.

Visibility campaigns
social awareness-raising

Communication of our successes to get the message across that a person with a disability can also be successful when given the opportunity, thus breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

I have been enjoying the lessons so much, and have been trying to keep them more entertaining and interactive in comparison to what I would hold in a usual English Class, hence we often do have conversations and find more about each other. Thus, I see the students as new friends I have made, with whom I can talk about everything and anything. I am really enjoying this experience and looking forward to my English class every Wednesday.

Dea MorinaVolunteer English Teacher

They also made sure that I found a job, which I loved and could do perfectly well even with my illness. They've been keeping in touch with me ever since to see how I felt in my new job, how satisfied my employers were with me and what could be improved. Not only have they helped me find a job that works well, but they have given me back my faith in people.

Márta FuferendaJamba Hero

The most important thing for me is that they showed confidence toward me. From the very first moment, I have felt like a member of Jamba. They were not just interested in my job search goals, but in my personality as well. In addition to helping in the job search, they also organize different training sessions for us to further develop ourselves, which is truly unique.

András Czenejobseeker
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